Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day. Have a great day treating your lover(s) (or yourself) to lot's of chocolate and wine!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sales/Promotional Updates for There's An App For Love


In its first week, There's An App For Love has nearly hit 1,000 copies in sales!

Am I excited? You bet.

Do I speak in Q&A format when I'm excited? You bet.

Here are some updates:

1. I've started a giveaway on Booklikes. The first 50 people to respond to the giveaway will receive a free copy of There's An App For Love.

2. The book has made it to several lists around the web. I'd like to call out GoodKindle, Digital Book Today and Kindle Nation Daily for the huge traffic spike.

3. In the spirit of Valentine's Week, I've extended the free book promotion by one more day -- There's An App For Love will now be available for free on February 11.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

There's An App For Love Now Free on Kindle Store for a Limited time!

Exciting news -- I've put my novel There's An App For Love (normal price $5.99) free on the Kindle store for three days only.

You can get your copy here!

Happy reading and happy Valentine's Week!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Excerpt from New Contemporary Romance Novel: There's An App For Love

Here's an excerpt from my new novel, "There's An App For Love." It's when Liz (the heroine) sees Liam's (the hero) photo on her friend's mobile dating app for the first time.


She paused mid-sentence. Because the man on Jenny’s iPhone 6 plus was incredibly handsome.
“Is he for real?” Jenny asked.
Liz felt a flush creep from her cheeks, through her breasts and down toward her thighs. She wanted to jump into the screen of the phone like they did in science fiction movies, so that she could be with the man in the photograph.
She wondered if it was the Cosmopolitan. Or if the warm flush between her thighs had something to do with that incredibly chiseled chin. The flecks of gray in those thick shocks of wavy black hair. Those eyes that were darker than the night.
But the eyes of the man on Jenny’s phone didn’t have that trace of arrogance or aloofness you normally see on the faces of super attractive people. His eyes were dark and kind at the same time. He was the kind of man who would be attentive to his lover in bed. It was hard to believe that such a person existed in real life, and he was living and breathing, just on the other end of a mobile phone.
“I mean…he’s attractive huh?”
“I thought you were in sales and marketing Liz,” Jenny said. “A wordsmith and all. Attractive is not the word. I mean look at him. He looks like he could be right from George Clooney’s family.  With George Clooney being the ugly brother.”
“What’s a man like this doing on a mobile dating app?”
If she ever made love to such a man, Liz would ask him to delete his Flame profile. There was no reason a woman should have to share such a gorgeous boyfriend.
Or to state it more accurately:
What was she doing thinking about boyfriends? Had she forgotten what Jason had done to her? Had she forgotten all those scars just because they had disappeared from her skin?
Had she forgotten the promise that she had made to herself?

Cover and Synopsis of my new romance novel "There's An App for Love."

I'm tremendously (and I don't use the word lightly) to announce that my new contemporary romance novel "There's An App For Love" has quite literally just been pushed live on the Kindle Store.

Here's the cover designed by the incredibly talented Shawn Taylor.

And here's the synopsis:

Can you ever find real love in a virtual world?

Liam Connor, the world’s most famous sex guru, is asked to write a book on Flame, a dating app that’s a lot like Tinder. Liam’s surprised at his publisher’s request. He knows a lot about sex. But he’s been a failure at both love and marriage. Certain he’ll never find true love, he signs up for Flame, only to see his world turned upside down…

Liz Andrews is a curvy, beautiful and intelligent technology executive, who’s moving to Singapore to head up sales for all of Asia. She’s not even thinking of dating -- until her friend convinces her to have one last fling in New York…through Flame.

Sparks fly as soon as Liz and Liam meet and their passion knows no boundaries. Liam realizes that Liz is the true love he has been waiting for all his life. But Liz is hurting from a prior relationship. She needs time to build trust. But with only three days before she leaves New York, is there enough time for both of them?

As Liam and Liz find out, going from “Like” to “Love” is more than just hard…it’s nearly impossible.

You can buy your copy of the book here!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love and Wine

I am from Ireland — so I’d like to kick off the blog with this excerpt from a poem by my favorite Irish poet.. Yeats!
Wine and Love
Image credit: Martin Cathrae
“WINE comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That’s all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and sigh.”
Happy wine drinking this weekend!